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total no. of Circulars : 3180

Directorate Higher Education Other
Sr.No Title Date Description
1 F7(4)Acad/CCE/Exam/08/576 dt. 17.02.20176 20/02/2017 Regarding university examination 2016-17
2 F7(4)Acad/CCE/Exam/08/577 dt. 17.02.2017 20/02/2017 Regarding security arrangement during University Examination 2017
3 F20(101)NP/Acctts/Budget/CCE/2016-17/973 20/02/2017 Regarding Budget Distribution in Non Plan for Government Colleges
4 F20(101)NP/Acctts/Budget/CCE/2016-17/967 20/02/2017 Regarding Budget Distribution in Non Plan for Government Girls Colleges
5 F20(101)NP/Acctts/Budget/CCE/2016-17/979 20/02/2017 Regarding Budget Distribution for payment to Contractual Lecturers
6 F23(10)Accts/CCE/DNSY/Sccoty/2016-17/1637 20/02/2017 Regarding Amendement in Nodal College of Dev Narayan Scooty Yojana
7 F9(IGA)NSS/CCE/12/104 20/02/2017 Regarding Indira Gandhi NSS Award 2016-17
8 F9(Misc)NSS/CCE/16/103 20/02/2017 Regarding Expenditure statement of NSS for year 2015-16
9 F1()Admin/CCE/2017/1727 17/02/2017 Regarding Video conferencing of Hon'ble Higher Education minister with Principals of Government Colleges on 21.2.17
10 F16(Misc)Legal/CCE/LITES/14/232 17/02/2017 Regarding district level meetings of LITES Nodal officers organised by the collectors
11 F16(Misc)Legal/CCE/LITES/14/223 16/02/2017 Regarding updation of LITES website
12 F23(10)Accts/CCE/DNSY/Sccoty/2016-17/1633 16/02/2017 Regarding Devnarayan Scooty and Protsahan Yojana 2016-17
13 F25(D)13Accts/CCE/Part-II/2009/66-76 15/02/2017 Regarding compliiance of paras about Internal audits and Physical verification
14 F20(101)Admn/CCE/2016-17/1122 15/02/2017 Regarding upload of DCF-II upto 28.2.17 for Government Colleges
15 F20(101)Admn/CCE/2016-17/1121 15/02/2017 Regarding uploading of DCF-II upto 103.17 for Private and BEd colleges
16 F26(Assembly/Gen)Estt/CCE/2017/126 15/02/2017 Regarding sending of reply of Assembly Questions
17 F8(yuva)Acad/Suvichar/17/100 15/02/2017 Regarding writing of "Aaj ka Suvichaar" daily
18 F7(4)Acad/CCE/Exam/2017/569 15/02/2017 Regarding sending of suggwstions about change in syllabus of Subjects
19 F16(Misc)Legal/CCE/LITES/14/175 15/02/2017 Regarding nodal officer for LITES
20 F4(Policy)CCE/Anu/13-14/Parti-I/309 13/02/2017 Regarding openning of online NOC portal for NOC to private colleges for session 2017-18
21 F12(21)/Plan/CCE/2011/662 13/02/2017 Regarding change of name of Government PG College, Jalore
22 F1(70)Estt/CCE/2006/part/1958 10/02/2017 Regarding information of Contractual Lecturers
23 F1(06)Estt/Assembly/CCE/2016/1957 10/02/2017 Regarding sending information for 14th session of Assembly
24 f23()Estt/cce/RVRES/16/46 10/02/2017 Regarding sending of Original Documents for Contempt cases
25 F1(31)PS/DCE/16/PtIII/105 10/02/2017 Regarding Pay fixation in Senior/Selection scale as per court order